Mallet in an oak frame.

What we build

Traditional oak framed extensions and oak houses

The Timber Frame Company specialises in the design, production and erection of heavy post and beam structures.  This type of frame is normally made in green oak or Douglas fir and the finished structure is characterised by visible timbers in the finished building.  This style normally has no, or very minimal steelwork, allowing the traditional carpentry to take centre stage.  You will find multiple examples of this type of building throughout our portfolio.

Contemporary post & beam frames

Steelwork can be used alongside framing both for aesthetic effect and to produce structures that would not otherwise be possible.  We often use tie rods, both for form and effect, enabling us to use thinner timbers that convey a lighter feeling in the finished space.  Such approaches allow us to meet a wide array of design briefs (particularly useful in oak framed extensions) including low ceilings and large spans.

Although many of us would agree these structures have a modern feel, the combination of steel and wood has a long heritage, capitalised on by innovators like Isambard Kingdom Brunel.  It is frequently humbling to rediscover how far back such innovation reaches!

Mixed materials & glulam frames

We are producing an increasing number of more contemporary structures using glulam beams and combinations of mixed materials.  We frequently combine green oak with air dried oak and even with other species, such as greenheart. You will find more information about these species and materials in our "How we do it" section.

The design of eco-houses has further introduced new elements and considerations including strawbales and recycled insulation.

All our design work is done using CAD software.  Many of the novel structures you will find on our website, such as curvilinear roofs and the spire at Wells Cathedral would be impossible to detail without computer aided design.

Other building elements

As a specialist carpentry company, we do not undertake general building work (such as foundations and roofing) but we can supply and fit cladding and other elements that are needed to take a building to shell.