Tools laid out on an oak beam.

About The Timber Frame Company

The Timber Frame Company has traded continuously since its launch in 1999 and has held fast to its mission to provide quality and value.

The company was founded by current Managing Director, Jim Blackburn who realised that the key to producing great timber framed buildings is good design.  Good design is not just about producing something that is aesthetically pleasing - it is also about delivering the best value to the client.  This means producing honest designs that have neither too much timber (costing the client too much), nor too little (seeming cheaper now, then becoming expensive once it gets to engineers).  On occasion, best value even means recommending that a client does not use a structural post and beam frame at all.  Essentially we love what we do and we want to you love your building too!

Every project is overseen by a senior designer with at least 10 years of timber framing experience.  Our designers and framing teams are all members of the Carpenter's Fellowship.  Our Managing Director, Jim Blackburn worked with the Carpenter's Fellowship to develop the first NVQ II qualification for framing.

Our personnel are also registered under the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS)  to work onsite with heavy structural timber frames.  When we work with plant equipment such as cranes, all staff are trained under an industry recognized scheme such as that run by the Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS)

Within our ranks we also have a qualified timber grader (there are fewer of these than you would imagine), enabling us to ensure quality materials and workmanship at every stage of the process.

We believe that this unique combination of experience and training enables us to meet our aim to provide quality and value in every frame we produce.