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Oak frame costs

The cost of an oak frame

Most people want to assess the likely cost of the oak frame for their house or extension.  This is our most frequently asked question and perhaps the most difficult to answer.  We only produce bespoke frames, so there is no catalogue with set price ‘off-the-peg' frames - everything we do is priced individually.

A rough guide based on your building's footprint

To determine if your project is financially viable; we have a very basic guide that can help you work out what your frame might cost (although its actual value will depend on its scale and complexity).  First, calculate the size of your structure's footprint in square metres, and then multiply this by £350 to £850.  We recommend looking at the pricing examples on this page before choosing the closest design to yours to help determine which value to use as a starting point - but please feel free to call for further advice.

Other factors influencing the cost

We realise that this will give you a wide range it is necessarily vague because the same scheme can have more than one potential solution with differing prices depending on the final choice.  It is also worth noting that multi-storey buildings and very small glazed projects, such as linking structures tend to be at the higher end.  This is partly due to economies of scale for crane hire, transport etc. but also because the number of joints (and therefore the time needed to make them) is often on a par with larger structures. 


To give more precise costs, we typically provide clients with a free sketch scheme and indicative budget.