Design exploration phase

The first step in the design phase is to produce a free sketch scheme and indicative budget, which will give you an accurate idea of cost for your particular frame.  We are also happy to discuss your requirements, in person at our offices.  Depending on the scheme, our design service may range from a simple hand-drawn scale sketch scheme to a full 3-dimensional CAD model.

At this point, we also estimate the design costs for your project (normally about £350 to £1,500).  If you choose to explore a very wide range of design options we may need to charge more for our time.  Our approach to design allows a flexible process that enables clients to explore a number of different designs, should they choose to do so.

During the design process, we are happy to work to milestones, both in terms of design options and cost.  Once the final design has been agreed, we will confirm the final price for your frame before constructing it to a very high standard and fitting it on site.