5 Higher Street after the fire.

Conservation and restoration

Conservation and restoration projects really tug at our heartstrings. It is difficult to look at an old frame without wanting to know (and then, tell someone!) how it was constructed originally.  These projects often become a labour of love and require huge amounts of diplomacy to satisfy the normally very large team of professionals.

A good example of this was a recent project to restore a fire damaged building where the team included the owner, insurance professionals, heritage architects, English Heritage, the council's listed building officer and other builders!  At one point an ancient beam was even given its own escort to ensure that it returned to site intact (which of course it did!). 

Jim Blackburn, our Managing Director lectures in Historic Timber Frame Design at the Weald and Downland museum and has an ongoing interest in the evolution of structural carpentry.  This wealth of expertise is of huge benefit to projects like these, allowing us to sympathetically restore buildings for future generations to enjoy.