The oak deck of the Hadspen Belvedere.

One of our projects made the Architects Journal (AJ) Small Projects 2011 shortlist.

January 2011

The Hadspen Belvedere has been recognised by the Architects Journal Small Projects 2011 shortlist.  The project Hadspen Bevedere was done in collaboration with David Grandorge, London Metropolitan University and The Timber Frame Company.  We provided tuition on timber frame design to a group of architectural undergraduates, who then modelled the frame with the help of David Grandorge.

We then helped the students to cut and erect the finished frame, which can be seen on the AJ website by clicking here.

The top deck shown in this photograph has two uses - to provide a viewing platform and to collect rainwater to feed the estate's livestock!

If you are in London, the same project is also featured in an exhibition at The Building Centre.